Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This time I am going to talk about weather changing, I was seeing a video of Leonardo Dicaprio, about global warming on the internet and I saw how climate has been changing and how it going to be in 20 years. I would like that all of you visit this link to see the video of Leonard Di Caprio,, it is very educative about warning changing. In 1998 climate has the highest temperature of all Earth temperature, this is caused by all human uses that in its majority they use elements that really affect earth atmosphere. Also we humans are the major destructive creatures in the whole world, the temperatures are raising more each year like I all ready said storms, hurricanes, inundations, longer rains, dry climate, and all that changing climates in the world affect the life of all us, because there’s not enough food, animals are in danger of extinction and my view is that global warming is the most severe problem in the world than terrorism, it is real and it is accelerating across the world, As the effect of this change combine with overpopulation, more consuming of oil, more fabrics contaminating the air, more cars, and all the people talk about warning climate, newspapers, magazine, but a few people and some organization are doing something effective to prevent changing climate.
The 2005 average global temperature equaled (within several hundredths of a degree) the record warm year of 1998, according to meteorologists. 2002-4 were nearly as warm, and the 11 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1990. In response, our planet has been changing with warming winds and rising seas. At the poles and in mountains, ice is under fire and glaciers are receding. Down into the temperate zone, change is rearranging the boundaries of life. The plants and animals with whom we share the planet are adapting and moving -- some even going extinct -- because they have no choice
We humans are being affected, too. Coastal towns are suffering from rising sea level, storms are getting stronger and 35,000 people died in European heat waves in 2003. However, we have choices to make to help correct and ameliorate global warming. This is a story of frightening scale and and great urgency that is just beginning to be told.

There is some big storms in Charleston, Usa on this February.-
Stormwatchers were rewarded with spectacular displays of nature’s power, such as this crash at Shore Acres State Park near Charleston. There’s more to come. Forecasters say snow is possible on the coast today through noon Tuesday, in addition to thunder storms.
Northern New York in deadly deep freezeThe National Weather Service posted a wind chill advisory for northern New York and Vermont, saying the temperature and wind could make it feel like 35 degrees below zero into Tuesday afternoon. In those conditions, exposed skin can be frostbitten within 15 minutes or less, the weather service warned. "It's the wind. It's so cold it hurts. You see the sun shining and it doesn't look like a bad day, but then as you're walking you get hit with this blast and you can't breathe.-
I have seeing on Discovery Channel a real documental about the next perfect and big storm, is going to be apocalyptical, many people are going to die, because of the climate change and not enough food.
All that said to us that we have to do something urgent to prevent the Warning changing climate, please visit the link of Leonardo Di Caprio.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Global Warming

One day I woke up and see the sky, but feeling the day hotter than ever this event made me think about Global Warming what causes it and its effect on the Earth so I start Investigating and I discovered that trees help a lot preventing Global warming. Trees are one of the major helps that Earth receive to prevent disasters, some people are fighting to prevent global warming, the Global Warming would have a really big effect in Earth shape and temperature the volume of the water would grow, also the storms over Earth surface would be more common with much more water cause of water evaporated. This water would be evaporated really fast cause of the temperature; also the poles would melt bringing water volume up, damaging our self’s and other animals. We humans should drive less to prevent pollution that helps global warming success. Pollution is on of the major problems of the majority of countries; pollution damages the ozone layer doing weaker the ozone layer so ultraviolet sun rays could pass stronger. Some scientist predict that if we survive to all the damage that Earth would receive of global warming and we are still contaminating we would be burn by ultraviolet sun rays. Friday I found all this information on Discovery Channel but on a T.V show but you can go the web page if you can see some info (click here).

I also investigate how to prevent global warming and I found this info.
In some countries they are starting to make cleaner machines that do not pollute too much, cars are coming much more cleaner and new types of cleaner gasoline maybe in 4 years you would only hear cleaner cars, cleaner house, cleaner machines, cleaner electricity, cleaner watch, cleaner computer, cleaner TV, cleaner bathroom, cleaner I don’t know but everything would be much more clean even if it not contaminate anything. In some places they are starting using solar kitchens that would prevent the excess of use of electricity. This solar kitchen helps because the majority of power plants are really contaminating they are level by high pollute plants. The solar power plants is one of the best plants to use but people never used because its big and costly price.

I would like to learn for my next research what companies are helping prevent Global Warming, how many water has increase, what would be the Earth in 100 years if we continue like this, more predictions from scientist and of people I ask, I also would say my predictions, what other simple human tools affect a lot the ozone layer, were the ozone layer is mostly affected , how many percent the water has increase in the last 10 years, a prediction of who would be the living thing that has all the aspects to survive all the new changes that earth would suffer cause of Global warming. Obviously all these would not be answered in one simple investigation, but in allot of investigations these is all my complete research for the project.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

new info

Global Warming

What I have learn that we humans are the best destructers of the world I never realized that by burning trash it would affect earth. Earth is a planet by hi’s climate without the normal temperature animals would evolved and new type of plants and climate would appear. I also learn that making these investigation we are breaking the animal kingdom rules but also god’s rules yeah gods we think that we are the kings of earth that we are invencibles, but only one little and weak ant do much more for the earth and for god only one.

We humans should look really fast for a solution the world is in constant change. We can even destroy our self’s, global warming is the major affect in earth, like I already said earth is in constant movement it would never stop.
Wikipedia is a awesome place to learn all of this, give you allot of information.
Global warming affects the pole’s increasing water level that also affects ourselves. Yesterday I was with my family and they were comparing us with the animals and they said that animals do something with out thinking, and I said that’s not true we throw, burn, and affect earth’s atmosphere without knowing the damage that this could bring to Earth and its life, we could be write in the story of earth like the destroyers of the world. Global warming by the time would affect our climates storms, would be frequently, inundations, etc.
Also scientist predict that in 100 years a place were the temperature is -1º it would be 5º so temperatures would change by 5º in Cartagena we would have a portable super potents fans.

I predict that earth is alive when earth is in danger of something he would fixed the earth would bring a second ice age for a quick recovery. We break all the rule’s of the animal kingdom a lot time ago that’s why we love to break rules or to expose. Scientist are making investigations in the poles for knowing how many Earth temperature has affect the poles and some parts are breaking up.
Other investigations has show that polar bears are also affect and are the major animals affect because the ice is melting.

I would like to espand these investigation in looking what humans uses mostly affect global warming, were these changes is really easy to notes, how much water level have increased and how many time of life we and the animals have. Also these new questions would open me new questions and I would notes that global warming is not only global warming is a lot a ideas I would finished talking about dogs but is still about global warming, but we not only me we now that humans would not do anything until the last day and the one that would do something is Earth, bringing the next ice age freezing all the north of earth or maybe the whole earth. Only one knows what is the future of Earth and he is looking at you right now, he is up somewhere in the sky in one magic place.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Today, Terrorism is a mayor problem in most countries, terrorism is based in violence or other harmful acts against civilians, by groups or persons, that they didn’t agree in political or ideological system government in a country, so they make an armed groups to fight against that thoughts and try to change what they desired so badly with attacks and fear to all the civilians. Sometimes the different religions in countries make some terrorist attacks country like what
In Colombia we have the guerilla FARC, The FARC is governed by Manuel Marulanda Vélez , known as Tirofijo, and Mono Jojoy, at the beginning they were a political military communists organization of Bolivarian inspiration, they represent the poor people against the rich and has opposition in USA influence in Colombia, this things motivates them to make a powerful armed group and use extorsions to farmers, enterprises and rich people, kidnapping people and make some strategic alliances with narcotraficantes, the treat was the guerilla takes care drugs laboratory, and they suministrate weapons for they, all that things was to has some economical recourses for survive, and have more money and weapons with the time, then they begins attacking little towns and cities to create fear in people, and try with violence to have power in the government, with every president they try to make some negotiated solution conflict they want that the government give to them some locations and give freedom to all the people of their group that was in jail, also they want to be part of the congress of Colombia, I hear all that from my parents and investigation on the Internet, In Andres Pastrana was Colombia president they make a false tregua (not violence during a time), but that didn’t work, they was killing innocent people and kidnapping soldiers and some people that has some relation with the governants, like Ingrid Betancourt who is kidnapped today, Fernando Araujo, father of some kids of our school, he has freedom some days ago with a rescue from military and president Uribe, only with the actual president Alvaro Uribe, the guerilla is a little centralized in the mountains, and the people in Colombia live more secure and the
economy is better, and some people or another countries are visiting our cities with more secure and passing good times with everything, and the people can go from one city to another driving car without no problem and know all beautiful things that have our country.
In the world are several group terrorist like ETA in Spain, IRA in Irlanda, Sendero Luminoso in Peru, Al-Gamma Al I Slamiyya, Al Jihad in Egypt and Palestine, Hezbolla from Palestine, Al-Qaida one of the most famous in the world which Osama Bin Laden is the chief, Hamas from Egypt and is in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Most of the terrorist group are ubicated in Middle Orient.
I believe that to finish with the terrorism is very difficult and maybe never ends at all, it takes time, patient, intelligence for try to change the ideological thoughts of that confused people, and make some agreements between them. I hope someday we can live in peace. The first thing that they have to respect the people lives , and in the case of Colombia giving a better education to poor people and opportunities for work so they can have better conditions of life.

By Julian C

Thursday, February 01, 2007

work of English

The World is full of crime every day more than 1000 to 10,000 people are stolen in their house, in the street, in their cars, and in other places like mall or parks. Cartagena is really safe the only good recommendation is to never walk in the walls at 10pm to 6am Because people are kidnapping or stolen, people said that have passed something say that Cartagena is to dangerous. Cartagena is known like a peaceful tolerant city were all their visitors can have fun with her history and places. Also Cartagena has other kind of having fun but is not the topic. Cartagena is really safe (a little thing that I found in a web) in the last 12 months no cases of violence against North American citizens or foreigners in general have been reported. Sporadically were reported cases of violence in which Italian citizens were involved in 2 cases within the last 10 years, both cases were related to drug abuse.

People stole not for fun is for need, in Cartagena people of the street ask for money and 10 days later you see them working, so people try to go better in their life time, I now a family that they were really poor and now they have two houses a T.V, a Master sound, and they are thinking in buying a DVD.

People that live en Cartagena sometimes said that Cartagena is horrible because it don’t have parks like Disney and all things like that, but I have two friends that are living in U.S.S and they said that is much better to live in Cartagena. In Cartagena you have more liberty and fun. U.S.S is a better place to live when you are an adult because the opportunity of work.

The police service of Cartagena is excellent in their work the only bad thing is that they are too easy with us; they don’t like to take us to the station for things so stupid.

Cartagena is a city were people that grow in there are jokers, like to risk their live and also like to go to party (of course).

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hi, my name is Julian C. I am from Cartagena, Colombia and I am 14 years old. I like to play soccer (football) almost every day me and my friends play it, we play soccer almost all the days. In the school I am in the soccer team last time I play of the defender last man and now I am defending lateral. My favorite team is from England, Manchester that is cal the great, Immortal; the killer Manchester United the Red Devils!

Cartagena is cool all is near from Castillo Grande to Centro there is
Only 25min or 30min between Centro and Castillo Grande it is where Boca Grande is a big neighborhood where all the cool stores and restaurants are. Cartagena is a really nice place for growing up he’s type of democracy is really good and kids are liberty and secure of them self’s. Colombia is really beautiful his geography is really nice. Colombia has mountains, snow, deserts, two oceans, and rivers, Colombia has variety also in Colombia the coffee was created.
But Colombia is not all of nice things we have a war with the guerrilla that are armies that want to change Colombia government. Also the guerrilla takes children to make the child-soldiers what is really bad. A lot of countries have child-soldiers that are something should be fixing, children’s need to have a happy life, with no risks so big.

I believe that when I have 20 years old the world wouldn’t be the same, our world is changing its getting hotter by the atmosphere warm up, the poles are melting making the water level rise up, our world would be an island, the ocean really polluted and fun for the people would be vanished. We should take more care of what we have for better life. Also Earth is running out of minerals that are important for our world. Earth also has loose more than 45% of he’s mineral compare before human start building. Also animals and plant are going to disappear because we are over populated and we kill for fun.
The world in 300 years wouldn’t be the same maybe the new type of animals would be 10 times more intelligent that humans that we would be in that age like in digital.

It would be nice to talk, to the others schools for getting better and updated.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

monster are due on maple street

On Monster are due on Maple Street there are some closing comments of the aliens (figure 1 and figure 2). These closing comments were really interesting; also there point of view was correct. In the story the aliens talk about what they have seeing of humans and said that they just put a little problem and now is big. Usually people with a little problem in a hour the problem is 10 times bigger, is like when the air conditioner is on, a lot of people are cold and other people are perfect or hot so there is a fight for turn on/off the air.

The message of the story was really good and make me reflect and is true humans with a little problem that we have we do a show, but is not our fault we don’t now what is happening so we are scare and think in bad things(negative) that we don’t need to thing. The message is still working today it tells us that wait for more time an act with calm don’t let the darkness win you.

In the story I almost change all I will change the setting, the characters attitude, and bigger problems will success. Some equipments will change like cell phone wouldn’t work, game boys, etc. I will set my story in a place were people say a lot that they have seeing a lot of aliens for making it scarier.
People now know the space better than 1960s know we have travel to the moon, also people now have a very different idea of aliens now we think that aliens will take you to there spaceship when you are sleeping and do you exams. There are people that have video tape of alien’s space ship. Also people today think that aliens and humans would have a war but only a few believe that the aliens when they appear they are coming with peace.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


One dark and cold day me and my friends Carlos, Francisco were playing soccer we were having so much fun that I don’t hear when my mother tell me that she goes away. When we were playing soccer Carlos was thinking in somebody and Francisco for bring back to the world to Carlos throw the ball to the face and Carlos follow Francisco for kick him, but this time Carlos don’t kick Francisco because the electricity goes off.

Later we hear two screams so we run to see who were. When we were there we saw that were Maria and Sofia so we invited them to come to the garden of my house. Like normally Carlos and Maria were insulting each other again, so me, Francisco, and Sofia go to another part.

When Carlos and Maria stop insulting themselves a guy go to talk to Maria.
Carlos was feeling jealous so he ask to the man to leave so he react aggressive an in hat instant of moment Carlos kick the man in the hand so he call he’s friends for kick Carlos really hard so Carlos call me and Francisco to help him we were three they were seven so Carlos go up like scared and get inside of my home so me and Francisco fight with them. Later I saw Carlos going down with three bats of Baseball. Them I hear somebody screamed and the guys spread away of Francisco and me. Carlos gives us the bats for we can defend our selves, so the strange guys go away.

Maria was sorry with Carlos and start talking to him in that instant moment Carlos stop loving Maria with no reason and when Maria express his love to Carlos, Carlos, quiet Maria by putting he’s finger to his mouth.

Later Carlos and Maria were insulting each other again but this time Maria started and they were insulting really bad this time so Me, Francisco, and Sofia stop them this time. Later we saw that Carlos say peace to Maria forever.

At 12:30 pm light comes back and we go to eat “Perritos Calientes Donde El Jose”. Later I go to my house with Carlos, Francisco, and me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Mother B-Day

My mother B-day was really cool and completely of happiness, people were saying happy B-day all along the day. The B-day was in my farm. All my family and some friends of my mom went to my farm and have a nice day.

Some friends and my brother and me play soccer and throw down bee’s house when we were playing soccer we made 2 teams, one was Gabriel (a friend) and me the other team was Nico (my brother), and Monito (a boy that lives on my farm), Gabriel and me won 3-1then I was with Monito and we loose 6-5; later we go really far of my farm and look for Bee’s house when we go to destroy bee’s house we always count how many each one destroy and Monito was in first place with 6,I was in second place with 4, my brother in third with 1 and Gabriel in last with 0.

When we finished all this cool activities we went to eat Paella that it was delicious, then we sing to my mother Happy B-Day, but I was down stairs not in the kiosk so I screamed from there the happy B-Day song, and them 45min pass and go to hour home.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It was September 4, 2006 and I was in my home waiting for my family to come. Later at 8P.M the light goes down and I hear the bell I open the door, 1.but I don’t see anyone and I look down and I saw a Sword with blood, a letter, and a bottle with blood. When I get closer to take the objects the sword and the bottle disappear, 2. so I take the letter and I read it ( Matuteso lemocata in loud voice) I talk to me self a moment and ask me what is Matuteso lemocata and I feel a strange feeling 2.cold, hot, and little at the same time when I look around I was in my house with my parents, but it was another hour.

Later I wake up and saw that all was a dream and immediately I forgot what I dream.

I stay in my home seeing T.V until 8P.M and the light goes down and I hear the bell I open the door, 1.but I don’t see anyone and I look down and I saw a Sword with blood, a letter, and a bottle with blood. When I get closer to take the objects the sword and the bottle disappear, 2. so I take the letter and I read it ( Matuteso lemocata) I talk to me self a moment and ask me what is Matuteso lemocata so I start investigating with a candle in the books of my father that are of the ancient Egypt’s.
Later at page 345 I found something of a man that says Matuteso lemocata each time he want to travel back when something bad occurs.

Then in real life a wake up and said Matuteso lemocata and nothing occurs. ‘‘do you sleep good’’ ask me father ‘yes, but I feel bad’ instanly a open my door and smeel an


3 s ri e

Friday, October 06, 2006

scary week

Last week I saw "Historias de Ultratumba" and was really scary so I think that was a good idea to tell it in my free post here it comes!

One day a family was looking for a house they pass and saw a mansion with a lake, so they stop and look at mansion and they like it so they buy it, when the family buy it they spent the rest of the day cleaning the mansion.

The next day the family brings all the things inside the house for they can pass the night.
at 10:45pm they heard somebody screaming so Carl (the dad) come down and saw a man with a pistol and a little girl in the floor, so Carl go upstairs and take he's pistol and come down again but the place was empty and Carl don’t found any kind of blood so he go upstairs thinking that was an illusion what he saw, so he go to sleep. at 12pm Mary (he's daughter) screamed but this time every body in the house go down stairs and saw a woman with Mary.

The next day the family was thinking that all that was an illusion and then Julia ( mother) Screamed that has found a cart saying that "why they don’t help them why we will kill you all."

So the family go away forever.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Problems and solutions

I deal with my problem really good with a little of furios to mantian my self but sometimes I explode and try to kick him until is finished and I will never will have a problem with him again. Sometimes I do diferent types, but are worst one time me and friends bother somebody all the year and now he don’t mess up with me. Sometimes I think tha what I do to my friend was a little big but he bother in 2 years and was enough i bother him in 1 year and now he is good.

When i was in 3rd year, almost everybody bothers me, but one day i realize that somebody was the centerso in 4th grade i talk with some friends to agree in something so we start bothring ****** and finals of 4th grade and we finish him at finals of 5th grade when all this finished, ****** dont bother me again.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Good players

Lionel Messi, C. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rooney, Kaka, Ronaldo, Zidane, Raul, and more awesome players play in different teams, they all go away of the stadium with a happy face and a sad the happy face is when they play good but the sad is when they lose.

All this players will be now unitil 2010 and some of that players will be playing in that time like Lionel Messi, C. Ronaldo, Rooney, Kaka, and Ronaldinho. C. Ronaldo and Messi have a really good fueture with Messi of 19 years and C.Ronaldo of 20 years they play really good.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Article of Manchester

Manchester United (article that I found) is a world famous English football club. They are based at Old Trafford Football Ground, Trafford, Greater Manchester and the club is one of the most successful football clubs in English football history, having won the FA Premier League/Football League 15 times, FA Cup 11 times, the League Cup twice, the European Cup twice, the UEFA Cup Winners Cup once, the Intercontinental Cup once, and the European Super Cup once. The club has had the highest average attendance in English football for the past 34 seasons, with the exception of 1987-89 during redevelopment at Old Trafford[1]. The 'Red Devils' are reported to be the best-supported football club in the world.

The club was formed as Newton Heath F.C. in 1878 as the works team of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath. After nearing bankruptcy in 1902, the club was taken over by J.H Davies who changed its name to Manchester United. The Old Trafford Football Ground was bombed during the Second World War, leading the club to seek charity from their then-illustrious neighbours Manchester City, who allowed them to play their games at Maine Road for a period. United appointed Sir Matt Busby as manager after the Second World War, and his then-unheard-of policy of producing most of the players through the club's youth team brought great success, with the club winning the Football League in 1956 and 1957. This success was halted by the Munich air disaster of 1958, in which eight of the club's players died. It was thought that the club might fold, but instead went on to win the football league in 1965 and 1967, and the European Cup in 1968.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reflections of a Blogger

My blog was good but I have to reset it so now it’s going to be better.
I reset my blog because of that now I am doing and idea of how will be my blog, it will be really good will have a link for see videos, music, games, and posts.

My blog is not hard to manage is really easy.

I feel good of my blog with all my expectations, also my feelings has change at the start I was thinking that to have a blog of class will be boring, there are thinks that has surprised me in the blog like how we take fun in writing thinks or share each other our ideas.

This blog is almost about soccer like 45% and 65% is of Manchester United. That’s why I am feeling better of my blog and also for my new expectations.

I have learned of blogging a lot of thinks including share ideas with my friends and people that I don’t even now.

I feel that I should have more pictures, links, and settings and more thinks but I am fixing that for have the best blog.

My blog will be better when i finish all of the work that i have save in my blog


Chealse:::::::::: 1

Man Utd::::::::::::::::: 2

Portsmouth ::::::::::::::::::: 3

Friday, September 22, 2006

Manchester United best team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manchester United

Is the best team has ever existed, every body is sad because Man Utd is better so now learn of a real team! Glory to Manchester United that is in the second place, with the team that has more goals.

Manchester Utd has win until now to Fullham, Tottenham, Celtic (UEFA Champions League), Charlton, and Watford.

Manchester Utd are called the Red Devils, and has a manager that the Queen of England named him ''Sir'' Alex Ferguson, he has been the manager of Man Utd for 21 years and is the only manager that stays in one time for 21 years, and also the only manager that has last 21 years in a team.

If you want to enter to Man Utd web page
Click Here

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bad story!!

This story wasn’t scary, it looked more like fantasy, and maybe it can be a movie of Discovery Kids. This story was bad; I don’t like it too much. The author has a good imagination, which author will choose rats for a scary story?! Yeah the rats are ugly but so, rats are not scary, red eyes wouldn’t do the rats scarier, if you see one of red eyes at 12pm in real life it would be scary, you will think that the rat is the devil.

When I read Three Skeleton Key remembers me when I was in the trash can and four rats appeared, I run and scream to my dad that was sleeping, so he run and say to me to hold a cage and my dad tried to push in the rat.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Technology Helps

Technology helps people to have a better life. Some disadvantages of technology are when with no electricity, there is nothing. Technology helps in all kind of work or activities like playing soccer, you need light when you play soccer at night. The balls are made by machines! Thanks to technology we have T.V, and computers (thanks god), computers correct all spelling mistakes.

Having a blog can be fun because I can publicate photos, and express myself. It will be cooler if we wrote fun things, and no work like other class blogs.

editando el blog